Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hey, mom you pushed me

Hey, mom you pushed me
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So the warning label says, the slip n slide is appropriate for children 3+. That didn't stop us from allowing Ella to try it out. Once she had one gentle push down the slide, she tore up the hill so fast to take another turn. Ella absolutely loved it. Pure joy was written across her face as she came sliding down. No worries, there was plenty of parental supervision, four adults for three kids.

Mike and Jen invited us over on Sunday to test out some of the new toys Aaron got for his birthday. We unfortunately had to miss his party, but appreciated the time to play with the new toys. We originally went there to let Ella tumble around in a moonwalk, but surprisingly, she cried each and every time we tried to get her in the moonwalk. I was a bit flabbergasted as there isn't much this kid won't try if given the opportunity, so witnessing fear from her was unusually for me. Instead, she found joy with the slide n slide. So much in fact that her parents purchased one for her that every night. We can't wait to have Payton over to test it out. We also think it will be a big hit with the neighbor kids.

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Anonymous said...

How fun!
I remember the one we had for the kids. It was a long yellow one. They just played and played on it. It was even nice for grownups to ly on it and sun bathe! If you could get it away from the kids! Love, ACarolyn