Thursday, February 23, 2006

Updated picts!

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I know you all have been clamoring for some more pictures of Miss Ella--so here they are!

Its been an up and down couple of days. She's been feeding really well, about every 2 hours right now, and that is just plum wearing out Amanda. But she's a trooper and knows that it will get better. Ella has been sleeping good some nights, and not so good other nights. Its been interesting to try to find what works for her and what doesn't when it comes to making her comfortable. Her parents are definitely on HER schedule at the moment.

Amanda has been sweet and trying to let me sleep more (since I have gone back to work now) but its wearing her out pretty good. Amanda gets to bed about 9 or so and Papa tries to keep Ella up until after 10:30. We seem to think (foolishly, of course) that if she stays up later, the more she will sleep overnight. Its about 50-50 on how that's working.

There has been some good nights, so we learn to appreciate those, and know when we have a bad night, a good night can't be too far ahead.

Ella's feeding better and better everyday. She's keeping her weight from when we left the hospital, so that's good. We need it to start heading upwards if we want to keep her away from formula.

At her doctor's appointment yesterday she measured at 21 inches! So apparently in one week she has grown and inch and a half? We are a bit skeptical, but as long as she is growing, we'll take it.

Gotta go for now--back to work! Thanks so much for all the love and support! We really appreciate having such a great support system!

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