Friday, February 03, 2006

Induction Date

It seems unless the baby decides to come earlier, our little bundle of joy will greet the world on Feb. 17. I am scheduled to be induced that day if I'm still pregnant by then. The doc thinks there is still a distinct possibility I could go into labor before then, but she wanted us to schedule the date, if I need it.

At my doctor's appointment today, I was almost dilated to a 2, but not quite, and am a bit more effaced. I'm okay with keeping this kid in for a few more days. I can use the time. I know I'm an oddball, most women want their kids out at this point, but I need more time and so many people need me to wait. (Our neighbor Mike and soon-to-be Aunt Tricia are out of town until Sunday; Rene is out of town until next Friday; my mom can't get here until next weekend -- she keeps pushing it back; and my work isn't ready for me to ever go on maternity leave). So I'm trying to hold out, and, I still feel fairly good. I'm not miserable yet -- rolling around in bed is a little difficult, but that's my biggest complaint.

My blood pressure was good (120/80). I'm measuring on target, and the baby's heart rate was 129. I'm a little swollen, but nothing of any significance.

It's wild to have an induction date. I hope I go into labor naturally, but just knowing there is a definite end to this exciting. Mike and I would report to the hospital early that morning. (The doc suggested family/friends don't come at that time because it can be a long process and they'd be in a for a long wait, especially because I am not having anyone in the room with me except for Mike.) We'd then be in the hospital until early Sunday evening.

If I go until my induction date, my last day of work will be the 15th. The doc encouraged me to make it the 10th, but I can't sit at home for a week waiting for the baby. I'd go CRAZY, and I want my leave to be with the baby not waiting for the baby! My boss said we could see about me working 1/2 days if I find my energy is lacking, so I appreciate that option.

This weekend we'll be busy running errands and some general tasks. I'm hoping to spend some time preparing a few meals I can freeze for those first few weeks. We already have a lasagna in our freezer. I hope to make some stuffed shells and taco soup along with a few other things. I need to remember our freezer is only so big.

I also plan to do some resting, but baby watch has officially begun. We're appreciate everyone's excitement about this little one's arrival. Our phone has been ringing a lot this week! We may have to record a message with the latest update, otherwise we may find ourselves spending most of our free time on the phone.

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