Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our minds our blown...

(I wrote this Wednesday evening, but its just getting posted now)

Its just after 9:07 in evening. Amanda is taking a shower and Ella and I have just spent some alone time with her sleeping on my chest.

Talk about peace.

There really is nothing else like a newborn fast asleep on your chest.

Today was a whirlwind. I swear I just got up. Here very soon it will be time for bed again.

We had lots of great visitors today, plenty of family and friends. There will be many more in the coming weeks. Its going to be stressful having so many people in the house off and on, but at least its at HOME.

Ella's been great, just busy waiting for some serious breast milk!

Sorry this is kinda short, but gotta get back to Ms. Ella!

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Jill Hayes said...

Congratulations Amanda and Mike. She is beautiful!!!!!! How exciting for both of you. There will be so many more exciting times as the years go by and do they go by so fast. They grow up so fast. I remember people telling me that when Ty and Jami were first born and now they are going to be 13 & 15. They are so much fun, challenging at time but what an awesome experience it had been and will be for you both.
Take care and Congratulations Again!!!
Miss you guys and can't wait to see Ella