Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sam

Happy Together
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I'm a day late, but what a busy and special day it was. We had so much fun celebrating Sam's birthday. I'm exhausted this evening and ready to call it a night. I posted pictures to flickr of his birthday party. While we missed people, we still had lots of laughs and lots of fun. Of course, it isn't a party without presents. Even with a smaller crowd, the boy still managed to clean up. Now, where in the world do we put this stuff?

In my attempt to save some money on this party, Tricia and I partnered together to tackle the cake and cupcakes. Any guess who did which one? Baseball cake & cupcakesTricia is quite the patient artist. Both were tasty, so while my cake was not as artistic as I hoped (helps if you give yourself more time to decorate), I had fun attempting to put it together. In retirement, maybe I'll learn how to properly decorate a cake.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate this wonderful occasion. To Mr. Sam Sam, I am not quite sure where this first year went, but thank you for blessing us with your smiles and laughs. You are our happy little guy and we adore and love ya. Happy First Birthday, Stugga!

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