Monday, March 23, 2009

Less than two weeks

Okay, I know I have written these words multiple times since I became a mom, but where is the time going? First, when did I become a mom? How in the world did it happen that I am a mom to a 3-year-old precocious, intuitive know-it-all and to the happiest, go-with-the flow mama's boy?

Yes, life definitely has not been picture perfect, but I like where we are at and where we are headed as a family. However, I would prefer if it would slow down ever-so-slightly. My baby, my sweet boy is quickly approaching a major milestone and as usual I am not ready. We have a theme and invites are in production, but they have yet to be sent. We are only planning on family, and thankfully, they are all slated to come. I hope to drop the invites in the mail by Wednesday. Once they have been distributed and received, I may have to post a picture. Even though it is an eleventh-hour creative idea, I am quite pleased with how they are developing.

Lots of arrangements still to be made. With the help of family and some good luck, we may pull this together. I am trying to avoid the "second-kid" excuse. I was a second kid. I want to make sure I attempt to be equitable with my children. I may fail miserably, but at least I'll fail trying.

So what's going on with the little man? Well, he is so very close to walking. He says his sister's name quite clearly. He is a mama's boy (I ain't complaining.) He is living up to his Hurricane Bowling legacy. The boy is quite curious and leaves a wake of destruction as he explores the house. He is starting to wave by opening and closing his hand. He is a protein boy. He gobbles up any meat placed on his tray and shakes his head at most solid fruits and veggies, yet he will eat baby food from those food groups. Maybe it's a texture thing? I fear giving up the bottle will be a battle of epic proportions. He is my "bugga boo." He has the sweetest darn smile, and I love him.

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