Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Special Valentine

Three years ago today, I met this beautiful creature.
under the warmer.JPG
I was in awe of her, yet overwhelmed at the responsibility of being her mom. We learned a lot that first year. Ella learned to sit up.
Sitting up with some help.
I learned I no longer had possession of my heart.
Party Girls
She made her first friend.
Playing well with others
Through her, we rediscovered the joy of Christmas.
Christmas Magic
And the simple pleasures of a park.
Losing by a hair
We learned even under the most watchful eye, trouble always presents itself.
What happens with no parental supervision
We relished in watching her explore the world around her.
Sweetness and Softness
As we added to the family, she lovingly accepted her new role and opened her heart to her little brother.
Sisterly Love
In three short years, my amazement of my daughter continues today.
Do NOT Disturb the Princess
I love my chatty, sassy, expressive toe-head. Happy Birthday Ella. Thanks for making me a mom, a role I was unsure would fit. As we celebrate the third year of your birth, I hope to treasure the milestones of your life and celebrate your uniqueness. Love you baby girl.

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Anonymous said...

How precious! What a neat tribute to our first darling grandchild! She has brightened our world and showed us how wonderful "grandparenthood" is. Happy Third Birthday, Ella!!! We love you and wish we could be there today to help you celebrate! Love, Your "Arizona" grandparents