Friday, January 25, 2008

30+ Weeks

Seriously, only 10 weeks until this baby will be here. 10 weeks. How is that possible? Where did this whole pregnancy go? Today was another doctor's appointment and either my sixth or seventh sonogram of the pregnancy. I've completely lost count. Everything checked out great, finally! I had what should be my last sonogram. I love getting the chance to see the little guy, but it is a relief knowing that there is no medical reason why I need another sonogram. The good news is the placenta finally migrated away from my cervix, but the baby is now breech with his head nestled in my left ribs. The baby boy has 7 weeks to navigate to the correct position before my doc gets concerned.

Other interesting nuggets from the appointment: he is 3 lbs, 6 oz. and the doc expects him to end up about 7 1/1 to 8 pounds. I'm measuring a few days behind my due date, but the tech said measurements on breech babies always seem slightly inaccurate. He also appears to have some hair. Good heart rate. Oh yea, he's also beautiful. He had his little hand resting on his head at one point. I swooned and he has the cutest little feet.

Hopefully this appointment serves as motivation to get into baby mode. The doc gave me a big to-do for our list: schedule my maternity care appointment with the hospital. It's the appointment when you fill out endless yet necessary paperwork and are reminded of all their policies and procedures. We did order new bedding for Ella's new big girl room. Once we have it, we can select paint colors and start transforming the computer room into her new big girl room. We are definitely moving at a snail's pace. I keep telling myself as long as we have diapers and some clothes, we'll figure the rest out.


Lauren said...

Congratulations. Can't wait to meet him!!!

E-Rush said...

I calculated an EDC on the little fella and came up with 3/28/08. I'm counting on him being born a little early on 3/21, which is my birthday. You could name him Eric in that case.

Don't be surprised if he ends up bald and fairly geekly if you do though.