Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm tired. I should be in bed, but I haven't blogged in awhile, so I thought it was time to do so. So here are a bunch of random thoughts running through my head tonight. First, I got a haircut, actually a better description would be I chopped my hair. Six inches at least gone from my head. I desperately needed a change. I didn't go to my appointment with the plan to do something that drastic, my hair stylist had to push me. She not so gently reminded me that I've been talking about cutting my hair for a year, and it's just hair, so basically get over myself and take a risk. I'm so happy and those that know me know I rarely leave a hair appointment happy. Mike, of course, was shocked but was beaming when I walked in. He is one of the few guys that I know that finds shorter hair sexier than long hair. At various times during the weekend, he would turn to me and give me the nicest compliments. It was so sweet. I'll have to see if I can take a cute picture and post it.

My family room is nearly back to normal. We still are figuring out where a few of the wall items will go, but the baseboards are on and they look good. I love, love the colors on the walls. My hubby did good. So, it's now on to the next project -- new sills for the bedrooms above the garage. After that, I would love to start on the basement -- adding another bathroom and adding a playroom, or I would love to be shopping for new flooring on the main level, but those are strictly pipe dreams at this point.

Ella is just as adorable and precious as ever. Mike and she spent a few hours at Deanna Rose yesterday because Ella's daycare was closed, and they needed some precious daddy and daughter time. When I got home from work, Ella told me all about the animals she saw. Her vocabulary is exploding lately -- I love hearing her say broccoli, poopie, hand (as in hold my hand), thank you and love you. I sneezed tonight while reading our bedtime stories and she said, "bless you." It about melted my heart.

Never take two kids to PowerPlay by yourself. I learned this lesson the tough way. It was exhausting and overwhelming. I swear my head needed to be on swivel stick as it would have helped me keep better track of two kids completely over stimulated. I decided to take the girls to not only give Mike some time to finish his work in the family room but also because they were so helpful when I pulled out the Halloween decorations. They almost fought over who could help me dust. It was too precious. When I first gave Payton a paper towel, Ella came over to me and said, "Mommy, Ella towel." I loved the help. I would clear off the decor items and spray the pledge and then Payton and Ella would take turns wiping down the furniture. Payton had so much fun that she was pointing out potential items that she could dust. Now, if they would learn how to vacuum and scrub floors and toilets, I would have it made.

That's enough of my random rumblings for tonight. I told myself I was going to bed early tonight. Well, it was nice in theory.

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