Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

Rain. Rain, Go Away
Come back another day

Seriously, it wasn't suppose to be raining this morning. We had big outdoor plans to hit the pumpkin patch today. Somehow picking pumpkins in the pouring rain isn't how I envisioned our trip. Let's hope the rain does stop, so we can squeeze a trip in. Oh wait, then there's mud to contend with, but mud and sunshine is more desirable than rain and mud. Truly, this is our only weekend day we can go before Halloween. Ugh! Rain, please stop.

Switching to Ella news, we have a little singer on our hands. Her favorite song is the "Wheels on the Bus," which shamelessly I didn't know all the words and motions to at first. After finding them online, we've started singing it with her. She really enjoys all the moves, especially the "move on back." The cutest part is when she joins in at "All around the town." She jumps in early with "All" and she'll hold it until you catch up with her. It's so precious. I have to get that on videotape. (Hint Hint -- Mr. Michael).

And photos of the new hairdo to come. I just need to pull them off the camera. After one week, I have to say, I'm still so happy with it.

Mike says he needs a cup of coffee before he'll drag himself out of bed. I can't blame him. Laying leisurely in bed on a rainy morning is one of our favorite ways to waste time, but the piles of laundry are beckoning me out of bed. So I'm off to start coffee and the washing machine.

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Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I hope Mike can video tape it and send us a clip soon. Would love to see your new haircut also! Hope the rain stops in time so you can go to the pumpkin patch today. Can't wait to get home and see you guys and hear Ella sing her new song. We miss you guys!
Love, Grandpa and Grandma Bowling