Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy little bee

Happy little bee
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Our favorite month and Mikey's favorite holiday is quickly coming to an end. Trick or treating was a huge success in Ella's book. I never intended to hit so many houses. I thought Ella and I would just be tagging along with Payton. I never imagined she would want to climb all the steps to the front doors. Oh, I was SO wrong. I don't think she realizes exactly what's in her possession. For her at this age, it isn't about the candy. It is more about being given something, anything, to put in her bag. it also was about the sights and sounds of the night. Her pace was slower than normal because she loved seeing the other kids dressed up and all the Halloween decorations.

She did decide she had enough walking and asked for mommy to carry her when we were just getting ready to head home. Of course, we were the furthest from the house that we had been all night. Payton too decided she was done as her sparkly shoes were killing her feet. We made it back in time to see the birthday boy, Pirate Luke and his sweet parents who stopped in their old neighborhood for a visit. After Rene and the good witch left, we went over to see the Comers. Aaron and Carter were the coolest super heros that we saw all night.

It was a lot of fun and my homemade antenna lasted throughout the night, so I was pleased. I guess I was just happy that Ella wore them. We have more candy than what we did when we started. I'll have to post a picture of our stash. It's a bit excessive. Can we ship some to anyone? We got lots of good stuff! Any ideas on what to do with it all. Eating it is not an option.

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