Friday, June 22, 2007

There are people in there!

I have a full day today, but did want to take a moment to point out the event that Amanda and I witnessed last night. Most who know me I'm pretty much a shuttle geek--so last night I happened to pop on NASA TV online to see what's up with the next shuttle landing--they announced what's called a "sighting opportunity" in just about 20 minutes from when I turned it on.


So I check out this website and it lets you know exactly where the space station (and shuttle while its in flight) is located at at all times. So, we went outside and pretty soon what looks like a bright star (the space station) appears out of the north and passes through the brilliant night sky down to the south, and about 45 seconds later following the same track was the space shuttle. It was unreal. Amanda said "I can't believe there are people in there!" I couldn't agree more.

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Lauren said...

We watched that here last Wednesday and Thursday! I couldn't believe how fast they were moving and how close they looked. How cool!