Friday, June 15, 2007

Learning our Quack, Moo, Meows

Its been a little bit since out last post (okay, AMANDA'S last post) and we have just be busy bees as usual!

Amanda's had a bout with some sort of viral sickness that we aren't quite sure what it was, but all I know is she was just plum pooped for most of the week. And of course Ella was sick as well on Wednesday, so Amanda had to take care of both herself and Ella-bella who really could have been okay to go to daycare in hindsight. But thankfully Amanda is back up to about 95 percent and getting back to her usual witty self. And is currently beating me up for not grabbing her free Sheridan's the other night when she was sick. (There was a free concrete promotion going on that day) So, yes, I'm a bad hubby.

Ella is finally through all of her medication for her Scarlet fever and seems to be back up to full speed. We can tell because both of her knees are back to being skinned! Amanda and I had our quarterly parent-teacher conference with her daycare provider and seems to be doing good! She's getting good marks in most all areas. Some things she's way ahead in!

Ella has been learning all the animal sounds this last couple of weeks. She has been putting up with her parents saying "what does a ________ say?" for about 3 days now. I give it 3 more days and she's going to be taking the next buggy ride out of town. She really is talking/babbling quite a bit. She sure keeps Amanda and I entertained even though most of the time its been incoherent. Although most people are used to hearing it from me!

Looks like our first trip to pool is in our future this weekend, as well as Father's day--which is awesome. We also may try to hit up Rhythm and Ribs fest down at 18th and Vine. Should be a hot one!

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Tricia said...

Thank god I work in a mall... I ditched work with our receptionist for 1/2 an hour and stood in line to get my free concrete. Scott and I went that evening to the one by our house but the line was unbelievable, so we went to Hagen Daaz instead and actually PAID for our ice cream. Shame.