Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can I just get a hug?

Can I just get a hug?
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I know the photo is a little overexposed, but I like it just the same. No worries, Ella's fit of frustration was only a mere moment. We don't live a sitcom life, so the kid does get upset now and then.

Overall, Ella is continuing to amaze and delight us. She's recovering from yet another illness. During a trip to Children's Mercy South Sunday, we discovered that Ella was fighting scarlet fever. Luckily, we live in the word of antibiotics, so Ella was back to her happy normal self after a few doses.

A few new cute things she's doing lately:

  • She points out the moon once it appears. Mike taught her it one night and each night we are outside, Ella is searching for it and uttering the word.
  • The minute she hears a plane, she points to the sky and tries to find it. The love of planes must be in the genes.
  • She waves bye bye as we leave the park. Most nights the park is empty when we leave, yet she still turns around as we walk up the sidewalk and waves and says "bye bye." I see it as her way of saying this was a special time, thanks for letting me play.
  • She can identify Elmo, depending on your personal feelings, this could be a travesty, but for now, we think it's adorable.

Payton was over this week for an overnight visit. I've always enjoyed having Payton, but now I enjoy it even more because Ella lights up when she sees Payton. For being over three years apart, they certainly share a special bond. Ella is so fascinated with Payton, and I think we get great belly laughs from Ella, but Payton gets the best laughs out of her, it even sounds different.

Payton and Ella will get even more time together as Payton will be hanging out with Mike and Ella while Rene and I are celebrating Kim's upcoming nuptials with a girl's night gathering.

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