Friday, April 06, 2007

Wanted: A Chauffeur

I am done with driving. From the pictures, you can see why that needs no additional explaination. From the start, no one was hurt. That truly is what is important, but man, I am just frustrated and mad. How do I manage to be in the wrong place at the wrong time on so many occassions?! This is my second downtown accident in less than 2 years.

I was driving west bound on 18th Street. I was stopped at the light at McGee and was in the right lane. The light turned green I attempted to proceed through the intersection and rather than heading straight I was being pushed by a semi tractor trailer onto the sidewalk. He decided to make a right turn from the left lane with multiple cars sitting behind me in the right lane. Seriously, I know he needs the space, but can you notify the other drivers. As his boss said, who came down after the driver called in the accident, drivers are taught when making right turns to stay in the right lane and wait for the left lane to clear and then slightly move in the left lane to make the right-hand turn.

It was a very frustrating evening. It took police officers more than an hour to come to the scene. They were great once they arrived. The other driver was ticketed for making an illegal turn. I was blessed to have a very out spoken witness, who was more than my advocate. She also helped to keep the kids entertained. Oh, I failed to mention that Ella and Payton were in the car with me.

Neither one cried when we got hit. I screamed and once we came to a stop, I turned to make sure they were okay. They were rather wide eyed, but never made a peep. Luckily, we had plenty of snacks to entertain them for most of the wait. Having them around also helped keep the mood light.

The best quote about the evening again came from Payton. When Rene was picking her up from our house, Payton was telling Rene that we were in a car accident. Rene asked Payton if she was scared, and Payton promptly replied, "No mommy, I was just hungry." This is why I love kids.

Right now, we are in wait mode. Since this involved a commercial vehicle, our agent said this process would take longer than a wreck involving two individuals. I'm so frustrated. I love our Vue. It is a great car. It didn't deserve this. Now, I'm get to waste my time attempting to straighten out this mess. Why, why, why was I there right at that moment. UGH! I'm just so mad!

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