Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful Warm Weather

Ice Cream Goatee
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I always knew little boys wanted to be like their dads, but who knew little girls did too. Since Ella can't and hopefully never will be able to grow facial hair, she figured the next best thing was an ice cream goatee. This special treat capped off the very beautiful weekend that was largely spent outside. It actually felt like a bona-fide weekend. (I posted quite a few pictures of our weekend adventures to our flickr account.)

Ella loves to play outside. Her favorite activity is riding around in her new buggy or playing in the park. We're fortunate that the closest park is right behind our neighbor's house, and Ella is keenly aware of its location. We were standing in our neighbor's driveway tonight when she grabbed my hand, pulled my forward and pointed to the park. Unfortunately, it was right as the rain started to drop. We distracted her by bring Aaron and Carter over to the house, while Jen and Mike showed their old house to whom is likely to become our new neighbors.

Cuteness Alert: I am constantly reminded how aware Ella is of her environment and how much she is soaking in and mimicking our behavior. Mike and I were cleaning up from dinner when we stopped for a hug and a kiss. Ella promptly walked over and wrapped an arm around each of our legs. Her way of saying, "don't leave me out."

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