Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ella Interactive

Rock Star
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What joy this girl brings to Mike's and my world. She is a riot and such a pleasure. She continually surprises us and amazes us. Today, while I was cooking dinner, we were singing "Old McDonald" and when it got to the "E-I-E-I-O" part, Ella attempted to join in. While it wasn't completely clear, you definitely could tell what she was singing. She also loves to "roll the dough" during "Pat-A-Cake." With her Leap Frog magnets on the fridge, she has always enjoyed starting the banjo music, but now she'll stand here and stomp her feet to the music. She always has a huge smile on her face.

She has been talking up a storm lately and every day I realize more and more how much she truly understands us. Her favorite word right now is "bye bye." She loves saying it at any opportunity. She also knows when we tell her it's time to go "bye bye" that she darts straight for the coat closet, reaches for the door knob, and once the door is open, she points straight to her jacket. At bed time, if Mike or I say "Ella it's time for night night," she practically zooms straight up the stairs and into her bedroom. I think that has more to do with getting her pacifier than with going to bed.

Back to the coat, I worry it's becoming her security blanket. I have no qualms against Ella having a security blanket, but I'm not sure how I'll explain my child carrying around a winter coat during the steamy July weather. It's odd though, she hates taking her coat off and loves putting it on. If you try to take it off her, she grips her fingers around the cuff until there's no blood left in her hand. If you are able to pry the fingers free, it's major meltdown city. This girl gives you serious attitude. It's the oddest thing, this fascination with the coat. We also have learned that you don't open the coat closet door unless you absolutely have to or at least make sure Ella's not in the room.

Lastly, and the best thing, is Ella knows how to give kisses! It's the sweetest thing. You ask for a kiss and Ella instantly pushes her bottom lip out and hums. It's so adorable. I've tried to capture a picture of her kissing face, but I haven't had much luck yet. We did take a ton of photos this weekend just playing outside. I've posted a few.

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