Saturday, April 21, 2007

Deanna Rose

Losing by a hair
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I love Deanna Rose. It's a gem, and where we spent some quality family time today. It was created as a memorial to a fallen police officer. I think it's a great way to honor that officer, especially considering my personal history.

It's high on my list of suggested places for my mom to do with Ella. Brian and she will be watching her while Mike and I are in Seattle on a much needed RR&R trip (that's rest, relaxation and romance). We leave Tuesday -- Larry & Glenda have her until my mom comes down. I'm so excited to see Chera, my friend since college and Mike's since high school. I just can't believe I won't see Ella's gorgeous face every day.

Today, Ella didn't let her young age of 14 months prevent her from keeping up with the big kids. She may be small, but she's one determined kid. Sharing is one concept we don't understand, especially when it comes to the slide. We try, but I think it's a bit beyond her scope.

As for me, I'm still in pain. The drugs definitely help as long as I don't miss a dose. I definitely can sense when it's time for another pill. I don't need a clock to know. I am trying to take this in stride but honestly I feel like a decrepit woman. I hope after this trip I will feel like a rejuvenated woman and mom.

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Lauren W. said...

I have a picture of me when I was young and roller skating where my hair looks exactly like that! Bright, bright blonde and s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t out! I always hated that picture so I stole it from my mom and hid it in my dresser. Hopefully Ella will have a better sense of humor about her bad hair pic then I did! lol!