Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So Tough

Man, my heart is breaking this morning. Today was a new first for Ella. She cried when I handed her off to Liz and as I turned to head out the door. Her face just screamed, "mom, don't go." She definitely recognized that she was staying and mom was leaving. I was devastated. My heart plummeted. Bonnie, the daycare director, could see in my face that I wanted to grab her, comfort her and run. She intervened by taking Ella from Liz, walking her deeper into the play area and quietly saying, "Amanda, you just have to go. She'll be fine."

It took all my strength not to cry as I walked out to the car (or as I write this.) My heart always broke a little at drop offs but today just stunk! It was a new emotion for me, and one I'll probably have the pleasure of experiencing multiple times over.

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