Saturday, July 08, 2006

I pulled an Amanda

Background: As a child, I was very clumsy. I always seemed to be dropping things, tripping over my own feet, you get the picture. Well, when anyone would do a clumsy act, my family started calling that you pulled an "Amanda." (A great builder of self-confidence, I know.) A few of my more significant clumsy acts included flipped over an entire large pizza as I tried to tear away the pizza box, and spilling a full bottle of creme de mint on new carpet.

Well, this week I definitely pulled an Amanda. The pediatric office finally gave Ella a prescription of amoxicillin for her horrible cough. I was walking down the hallway to give her a dose on Thursday morning and went to shake the bottle. Well, I quickly learned that the lid wasn't on tight. So, her pink, bubble gum flavored medicine ended up being dumped all over the carpet in the hallway. What a fun mess it was to clean up. Of course, it didn't really clean up. Mike tried as best he could. I knew having a kid would leave a mark on our house. I figured it would be the kid not me leaving the mark.

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