Monday, October 06, 2008

House Painting

Not done yet with the house painting. When we stopped yesterday, three sides of the house had two quality base coats. We have yet to touch the trim and the back of the house is a mess. Some day soon this will be completed. While I was happy to take a break from painting and resume my work life, I cannot yet see light at the end of the tunnel. Mike plans to resume his role as a house painter this Saturday. I hope he is able to make some great strides while I am keeping the little ones entertained and out of his way.

During this experience, I attempted to tackle my severe fear of ladders. I did spend some quality time on a sturdy extension ladder, and I was quite pleased with myself for stepping out of my box (as Mike says). However, it was a 10-foot step ladder that gave me my first panic attack. I can't recall what prompted me to absolutely freak out, but I started shaking and severely sweating. I found myself frozen in fear. Luckily, my hubby was around to coax me down.

I have decided that much like being a waitress, this is a task that every homeowner should undertake at least once in their life. Once this is completed, I have no plans to ever do it again!

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Anonymous said...

Man, what an undertaking!! I know, because I painted most of the house out in the country several years ago. I swore after that, that I will never paint a house again and it was just a ranch style!
Happy Painting!! It's sure going to look nice, though.
Love AC