Monday, September 17, 2007

What happens with no parental supervision

Never leave your 19-month-old alone for too long or this is what you might find. Ella loves to spend time flipping through her books while I prepare dinner or do some late night pick-up. I thought this day she was keeping herself entertained with her books. I realized though I wasn't hearing books drop to the ground periodically. So I ventured up to check on her, and this is what I've found. I had a good laugh and then grabbed the camera. As you can tell, Ella was quite proud of her mess. Lesson learned: if it's too quiet then trouble is brewing.

It was a very busy weekend. We kicked it off with the Light the Night walk. Great event. Ella enjoyed a bounce house for kids just her age and her and mom shared a bomb pop before the start of the walk. We finally convinced her to ride in the wagon about 1/2 through the family loop.

We then were up early Saturday to do a one-day trip to the Omaha zoo, where we met up with my mom, my brother Justin and my SIL Brandi. We had a great time. I just love that zoo. It did my heart good to see my brother. It had been since May, and I needed some good Justin time. I've posted a few pictures from our trip. I'm just hoping my mom has better ones to share with us. I'm tired or I would say more about the trip. Perhaps another time. My dreams await -- perhaps I'll have a party in my dreams tonight.

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