Sunday, September 09, 2007

Parenting tips in the wild

For some reason, some of the funniest moments for Amanda and I when we parent always seem to come back to poop. More on that in a moment.

This Sunday night Amanda, Ella and I decided to go take the long walk down to the park back behind our house. Its a good 15 minute walk at big-people pace. But when you have a toddler in tow (or vice versa) you timing may vary. And believe me, ours did. Every 100 feet or so, Ella walked, then go to Amanda, "Mommy carry...(me)" So Amanda would pick her up, take 4 step.."down....DOWN..." So another 100 feet, "Daddy carry?" 4 steps. "Down, DOWN!" and so it continues the walk with a 18-month old.

So we finally made it to our destination after a half hour or so. There's a nice playground with a couple of slides and Ella had her run of the place. 15 minutes of sliding and swinging and what not later, Ella is standing at the top of the steps and isn't doing anything. Until she starts bending her knees slightly and grunting. Well, we all know what THAT is don't we? And who's the parents went on a walk without a diaper bag? (hand raised) Amanda and I look and each other, take a look in the diaper, and yep, nice shiny and smelly looking right at us.

So. We take a look around. Well, we could change her with no one around, but that's quite a bit of work without a new diaper. But there was a trash can in the park, and we could pull the back of Ella's diaper back far enough, so we hauled her over to the trash can (please don't do this at home, or take it for GOOD parenting advice) and turned Ella upside down, pulled the back of the diaper and out dropped the poop! Thankfully it didn't catch her back or anything else but the trash can. Ella thought it was funny, so thank god she didn't think her parents were trying to throw her away.


Lauren said...

No wayyyy! ha!

Anonymous said...

Hope you let her read this blog when she gets older. She'll really wonder what kind of parents she has. Ha! Grandma G