Monday, November 06, 2006 puffs puffs
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Ella loves to explore the pantry when mom is cooking and forgets to close the doors. Her bottles of puffs are down low, and Ella knows right where to find them. Fortunate for us, she hasn't yet figured out the lid.

Another beautiful weekend is in the books. Saturday we meet Luke -- he's so cute and so little. Later that night Mike and I enjoyed a much needed date. Payton spent Sunday with us. After running some errands, the girls went to the park and then came home to decorate the driveway.

A few stories with Ella and inanimate objects. Her new nickname is the ghost of Jacob Marley. She is passionate about this ring rattle and a string of links connected to it. It cannot be pried from her hands, and she drags it around, clingy and banging throughout the house. It's not so bad, it always gives us a good idea of exactly where she's at and how much trouble she's about to get in to.

Ella is starting to display a new emotion of fear. Recently, a two-foot long stuffed tiger was donated as the new mascot of the Tiger room at day care. Somehow, one of Ella's classmates dragged it into their room. Ella was sitting near the gate when it got dropped off. Miss Lorraine said Ella took one look at it, screamed in her own little way and crawled as fast and as far as she could to get away from it. She isn't afraid to chase an alive, ornery cat, but a stuffed tiger she wants nothing to do with it.

In the same vein, a few weeks ago I brought up from the basement a large bouncy blue ball we had purchased a few years back for Payton. Every kid has one of these balls -- they're the big balls for $2.50 that sit in a large bin at the edge of the toy department in every mass retailer. When Ella first saw it, she didn't know what to think of it. I sat it next to her and I, and she tried to crawl up me as fast as she could. It took some time, but eventually she warmed up to it enough to pat it with her hands before quickly crawling away and turning around equally as fast to see how the ball responded. It was so cute to watch her eye it and figure it out. I think she was intimidated because it was larger than any of her other balls and it moved faster.

She definitely keeps life interesting.

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