Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

We are back in KC after four fun-filled and HOT days in St. Louis. What fun we had. The kids exceeded my expectations. They were so well-behaved and we avoided any major meltdowns. They handled the complete upheaval of any schedule without missing a beat. We made some amazing memories and I needed this time, more than I realized, to disconnect from my work life and just spend quality time with my wonderful kids and sweet husband.

In four days, we packed our schedule yet we didn't set a timetable for any activity. We followed the kids' lead and just enjoyed family time. The two big highlights for us were the zoo and the Magic House. Those RAWK! We also hit the arch, union station, the museum of transportation, the hotel pool each and every night, Ted Drewes on Route 66 (the one Alton Brown hit on Feasting on Asphalt) and dinner with good friends. What a great trip it was. Pictures to come, but we're tired and with Monday facing me, I'm keenly aware of the shock awaiting my system. A few random gems from the trip.

*Ella had an encounter with a sting ray. Sounds more dramatic than it was. It took a few patient attempts but she finally got the chance to feel one as it swam by her. In addition, she pet a guinea pig and brushed a goat. Sam was more interested in flicking the goats' ears than brushing them.

*Ella was quite amused by the automatic circle door (i.e. revolving door) at the hotel's entrance. She requested that each time we left and arrived at the hotel that we use that entrance. It's the little things people.

*Sam was continuously helping us pick up our hotel room as we would find random items in the trash. An APB is still out on two toothbrushes.

*Ella climbed a giant bean stalk, rode a three-story slide and tried Cinderalla's shoe on for size all within the same few hours.

*Sam remains quite amused by refrigerator doors. Open and shut, repeat.

*Who needs a attractions as Ella was the most excited about going swimming each and every night. She has to be part mermaid.

*Ella spent more time in the stroller than Sam. The boy refuses to be contained, making meals some of the more difficult times.

*We're done eating out. The detox starts tomorrow.

*Ella scared the SH*T out of Mike and I. She attempted to play frogger on a busy downtown St. Louis street. I aged 20 years, but I am attempting to block that painful incident from my memory. Oh the tears that flowed from both her and I. My heart only now is returning to its regular rhythm.

*Four days and three nights is plenty of time for this family of four to be couped up in one room together.

*I like to romanticize cuddling with my children throughout the night. However, it only takes one elbow to the head to be reminded that kids do not belong in bed with me.

*To commemorate our trip, Ella purchased a pink polk-a-dotted sting ray, while Sam came home with a giraffe stuffed animal and a monkey t-shirt (neither that we saw during our trip to the zoo.) Once the sting ray was purchased, it didn't leave her side, and is currently tucked safely next to her in bed.

*Ella demanded that we see the elephants as she specifically wanted them to see her Ellie (an adorable elephant stuffed animal) to the zoo. Yeah, I don't think they were amused.

Pictures to come and quite maybe some youtube videos.

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