Monday, January 26, 2009

My Kids, My Motivation

Mike and I awoke this morning to a much greater burden placed on our shoulders. While we recognize our present life is not what we planned, we still believe in our future.

My hope is this unexpected jobless adventure is short-lived. I expect the next few weeks (please not months!) to be difficult and filled with tough decisions. I also am keenly aware that our life is full of so many blessings, and these little creatures who never run short of smiles or giggles are depending on us to make the right decisions, no matter how difficult they may be.

Oh how I love these little people.

Sam's First Car

Snow White Crashed on the Couch

Sam the Panty Destroyer

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Anonymous said...

WOW do those pictures look like any day at our house! (the pantry ones!) Thank you for sharing...(still needing to go back and read...just have a moment but wanted to get a message out. Been reading here for quite some time. Been following you on Twitter. I am never sure if you do an @ reply to someone if they see it if they aren't directly following just in case thought I'd comment here. I'm very sorry, truly, about your husband's job and all that you must be facing. I have no doubt that it will get better, but also know right now must hold worry, fear, anxiety, or your own set of emotions. Just wanted to tell you that so many are sending good thought, wishes and prayers out to see that something good comes to you quickly. Know that you are appreciated and prayed for. So sorry it even happened though -- no other way to say it than it just absolutely sucks!! I'd love it (only if you'd like to ) if you want, add me on your Twitter...hoping I can at least try to send some encouragement along during a time that it can't hurt to be surrounded by friends both IRL and not! Wanting every good thing for you and your and always!!!

(my twitter name is hiltonheadmommy )