Saturday, May 05, 2007

Accepting Liability

Thank goodness. Yesterday, we finally heard from the adjustor and the insurance company for the trucking company is accepting that the accident was their fault. I thought getting the ticket the night of the accident determined that, but a "thorough" investigation by an "independent" adjustor needed to take place first. After four VERY long weeks and several favors later, we once again will be a two-vehicle household. With the current gas prices, there have been some benefits to having only one car.

After an exhausting work week, our weekend is shaping up to be low key. We decided against going to a college reunion and plan to just enjoy being at home. It's our neighborhood garage sale, so we're planning to hit that. Maybe run a few errands and just play with our beautiful daughter. Tomorrow is "G'Day at the K" and the Royals are giving away koala bears. With Ella a Koala at daycare, it seems fitting that we hit that game. It will be her first for this season, but her third overall. She wasn't mobile at her other games, so this one will be a new experience. I'll have to post pictures after the adventure.

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Auntie T said...

Let's get Ella 2 tickets and walk her in twice so Auntie T can have a Koala, too! =) I'm looking forward to Ella & Dirk meeting.